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Academic Credit

La Sierra University

Instructions for processing of registration forms.

Registration form. To be completed by any teacher attending the NAD Convention and wanting credit for it.


Registration Instructions

Each student must complete the Non-degree Application form, selecting the 1- or 2-credit registration option. Each student must submit a check of $100 along with the registration form to cover the recording fees ($100 is the fee for either 1 or 2 credits). Students should contact their Union for instructions as to where to submit the registration form and fee. Submission of the form and fee must be completed by August 9.

Students registered for 1 credit do not need to complete further work except to attend the sessions throughout the convention (honor system). Students registered for 2 credits must complete follow-up work according to the syllabus, which may be downloaded from the La Sierra website. Deadlines in the syllabus must be met for timely recording of a grade.

After September 30 students may request their transcript be sent to the Union/Conference or any other institution using the form at the La Sierra Records Office.

Pacific Union College

The direct link to the online Registration Form is Once that form has been filled out and submitted it automatically goes to Financial Services and Records, and the teacher receives a confirmation notice. The convention syllabus can be found online if the Summer Classes for Educators listed on the gray sidebar on the left side of the website is clicked on. Scroll down the list under Documents until you reach EDUC 420: NAD Teachers Convention 2018.

Before registering for the credit, teachers should read the syllabus so as to decide whether they want to sign up for one credit or two as they are two separate classes differentiated by the amount of credits requested. A Log of Activity is part of the syllabus, and teachers may want to bring a copy of that with them to the convention.

Those teachers within the Pacific Union Conference receive a tuition waiver which their conference authorizes. Those teachers wanting credit that are outside the Pacific Union Conference must pay a flat fee of $100, which will be billed to them by our Financial Services office.

Walla Walla University

Registration for EDFB 530 Professional Development: NAD Teacher’s Convention 2018 from Walla Walla University for the teacher’s convention can be completed on the WWU website. Students can register for 1, 2, or 3 academic credits. The course includes activities such as conference breakout session attendance, goal setting, and individual reflections. For more specific information about the course contact Dr. Maria Bastien at or call the School of Education and Psychology at 509-527-2211.



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Thank you for gathering to share, learn, deepen and broaden an understanding and appreciation of our calling. Young people have been entrusted to us by parents and by God for an education of heart and mind that extends upward, beyond the boundaries of book learning. It's our privilege and responsibility to fulfill that trust with excellence in every area.


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Academic Credit